How to Check Your Facebook Account is Hacked or Not

How can you make out that your Facebook Account has been hacked or not? It seems to be a challenging question but the answer is quite simple. In this generation of computers and advancement in technologies, the number of people hacking information over the internet has rapidly increased. The Users are therefore more worried about their privacy of Accounts and their personal information and passwords.

Facebook has recently added a new security feature which helps you to know about your Account if it is hacked or not. I will show you how you can check for the same. If anyone has hacked your Facebook Account, they will login to your Facebook Account and see your friends, activities and your other personal information. The Security feature of Facebook helps you to know your previous Active session.

This security feature helps you to check who hacked your Facebook Account along with the details like Day, Time, Location from which country, Device Type from which browser, Ip address and O.S information.

The navigation path for this feature is as such: Go to Account settings -> Security ->Active Sessions.


As you can see in the below screenshot, at the top, you can see your Current Session and below you can see logins on other computers. You can check the last accessed session and if you notice any unfamiliar devices or location, click ‘End Activity’ to end the session. You can then change your Account password so that it does not get hacked again.



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