How To Convert Video files Using VLC Player

Have you ever wondered that you can use Media Players as a Video Converter? Yes, it is true. We usually used to download any third party Video Converters in order to convert the Videos into different formats. But now it is also possible to Convert Videos using VLC Media Player. Most of the people are unaware that the VLC Media Player can be used to convert files into various Video and Audio formats. Video Formats as in (mp4, webm, ts, ogg and asf) and Audio Formats as in (ogg, mp3, mp4, flac, cd).


Follow the steps explained below to convert Videos into suitable format of your choice:

Step 1: Open VLC Media Player.

Step 2: In this screen, click on Add button to select files that you want files to be converted.Click on Convert / Save. Additionally, You can also check on Use a subtitles file if you want subtitles for the converted file.

convert video in vlc

Step 3: Now select the Destination file and mention the name of the file as per your choice and then select Profile i.e. the format in which you have to convert your Video.

Step 4: Click on Start button and the player will start the conversion of the Source file to the specified format.

Convert Videos Using VLC Media Player

Note: It has been observed in windows 7 and Windows 8, VLC convert files in .ps extension, which is a raw file. To convert files in VLC always Open VLC Player in administrator mode, i.e. Right click on VLC icon and select Run as Administrator.


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