How to setup static IP address in Server 2016

If you are setting up Windows Server 2016 as a domain controller or as any other production server function in your network it is recommended that you set it up with a static IP address. This is a quick how-to guide on how to do that.

Note: you need an administrator account on the server to set your Windows 2016 server with a static IP address

Log in to your Windows 2016 server, Run [Server Manager] and select [Local Server] on the left pane and click an [Ethernet] section on the right pane.


Right-Click [Ethernet] icon and open [Properties]


Select [Internet Protocol Version 4] and click [Properties] button.


Enter the IP address you want to assign to this server, the Network Mask, Default Gateway, and the DNS IP address.


After setting static IP address, changes are enabled on Server Manager.


Click  OK and then reboot the server.

Thanks, hope that it will help you to set static IP address to your server.


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