Telnet on Packet Tracer

Telnet is a method for remotely establishing a CLI session of a device, through a virtual interface, over a network. Unlike the console connection, Telnet sessions require active networking services on the device. The network device must have at least one active interface configured with an Internet address, such as an IPv4 address. Cisco IOS devices include a Telnet server process that allows users to enter configuration commands from a Telnet client. In addition to supporting the Telnet server process, the Cisco IOS device also contains a Telnet client. This allows a network administrator to telnet from the Cisco device CLI to any other device that supports a Telnet server process.
Let us apply Telnet on packet tracer.
As you see above figure you can see TELNET and SSH lopologys i have created. in this tutorial we are going to configure TELNET. lets configure all the interfaces in router 1 and see what will happen?
As you seen above figure we configure router interface, line vty to router1. After doing configuration  Set IPs on the PC. As, by default, all PC are in Vlan 1. lets configure Switch1
Now, we can ping to router 1 by our host computer command prompt, because host are in vlan 1 and switch also we have configured vlan 1 interface.
Now, we can easily telnet. But it does not let us go in the switch enabled mode because we have not set the password on the switch yet.
Lets apply password on the router enabled mode. we already configured line connection before. but i will show you guys again how to configure lines and enable mode
Now, we can go inside router configuration mode from our PC.
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