Useful IPhone Applications You Should Install

So when someone came up to you and asked, so what’s so great about the iPhone. You’ll probably show them how cool the cover flow is, or maybe how you can multi-touch zoom in and out of the photos; flipped them, etc. I’ve got to be honest, those are part of the attractions why I got myself an iPhone even when its not officially launch here in my country but however I’ve found cooler stuff in iPhone – the ability to support tones of cool applications and most importantly, rich 3rd party application developers.

Here are some iPhone applications you should install, or at least try using them.

  1. Community Resources

    Developed by Nullriver, Inc this is your gateway to more 3rd party applications upon installed.

  2. IApp-A-Day

    iApp-a-Day is a project initiated for November 2007, aiming at contributing one application a day to the community. Worth checking out.

  3. OpenSSH + BSD Subsystem

    Installation of these two application allows you to access your iPhone via sFTP. This means you can access structure and files of your iPhone. Transfer your files as easy as dragging them in/out with FTP client.

  4. SummerBoard


    SummerBoard allows iPhone users to install more themes and wallpapers, making your iPhone more interesting.

  5. Cuztomize


    Cuztomize gives you more control over your iPhone. It allows you to cuztomize default iPhone assets like dock background, carrier iamges, Wifi images, bar images, edge icons, airplane icon, alarm icon, bluetooth icon, lock icon, loading image, badge graphics, phone keypad image, battery images, sound images, hud image, chat balloons images, main slider, power slider, call slider, highlight mask, system sound, calculator background, weather icons, weather background, notepad background, etc.

  6. Vnotes


    Voice recording is not build-in in a default iPhone but with Vnotes, you can record voice notes and playback anytime you wish.

  7. ISplit


    This is a very handy tool for those who like to go dutch on meals with friends but having problem calculating how much each individual have to pay. Option of tax, tipping calculation included.

  8. NES


    This is a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator. Upload your ROMs to given folder and enjoy NES games on your iPhone. Save games are also supported.

  9. WeDict


    As the name speaks, mobile dictionary with tones of dictionary files available in Community Resources.

  10. Apollo


    Apollo is the first and perhaps the only application based IM for iPhone for current time being. It supports AIM, ICQ, MSN and .Mac accounts.

  11. Finder


    Finder behaves like Mac’s finder. Search through your iPhone file structure with functions like Create, Modify, Send files.

  12. Lockbox


    Lockbox allows you to keep important information like account username/password, credit card infomation, etc all behind a password protected screen.

  13. Navizon


    Navizon GPS application that make use of Wifi to track your current position and sent it to Google map. Very useful for route navigation.

  14. PDFViewer

    Transfer your PDF files to your iPhone and view them with this application.

  15. RSS

    rss viewer

    Keep all your feed reading under one roof, read them all from your iPhone.

  16. Sketches


    Sketches allows you to do more than just snapping photos. It gives you an option to sketch and send photo instantly to friends via email.

  17. ToDoList


    Keep your To do list organized, with functions like priority settings, categorizing, etc.

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