Dreamweaver CS5 Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

Adobe Dreamweaver is a proprietary web development tool developed by Adobe Systems. Dreamweaver was originally developed by Macromedia in 1997, and was maintained by them until Macromedia was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2005. Adobe Dreamweaver is available for both OS X and Windows.


Dreamweaver CS5 can greatly improve productivity and change the way you build Web sites. Knowing all the important Dreamweaver CS5 keyboard shortcuts and common HTML coding rules can boost your efficiency as a designer even more. Find your way around the Dreamweaver work space with easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts and common coding hints so you can work faster and smarter, and build your Web sites with greater ease.


Non-Breaking Space ( ) Ctrl-Shift-Space
Line Break <br> Shift-Return
Image Ctrl-Alt-I
Table Ctrl-Alt-T


Quick Tag Editor Ctrl-T
Show Code Navigator Ctrl-Alt-Click

Working with Tables

Select individual (multiple, discontinuous) table cells Ctrl-click cell(s)
Select Table (with cursor inside the table) Ctrl-A (may need to do twice)
Insert Row Ctrl-M
Insert Column Ctrl-Shift-A
Delete Row Ctrl-Shift-M
Delete Column Ctrl-Shift-hyphen(-)
Merge Selected Cells Ctrl-Alt-M
Split Cell Ctrl-Alt-S
Increase Column Span Ctrl-Shift-]
Decrease Column Span Ctrl-Shift-[
Add new row at bottom of table with cursor in bottom right table cell, hit Tab

Working with Frames

Add a new frame to frameset document window Alt-drag frame border
Pull out solid frame (creates Nested Frameset) Ctrl-drag frame border
Select a frame Alt-click in frame
Select next frame or frameset Alt-Right arrow
Select previous frame or frameset Alt-Left arrow
Select parent frameset Alt-Up arrow
Select first child frame or frameset Alt-Down arrow

Working with Images

Replace image with a different one Double-click image
Edit image in external editor Ctrl-Double-click image

Working with Layers

Select a layer (without having to click its grab tag) Ctrl-Shift-click

Working with Links

Make Link Ctrl-L
Remove Link Ctrl-Shift-L
Open the link-to document in Dreamweaver Ctrl-Double-click link
Drag & drop to create link Select the text, then Shift-drag it to file in Site panel

Formatting Text

None Ctrl-0
Heading 1 Ctrl-1
Heading 2 Ctrl-2
Heading 3 Ctrl-3
Heading 4 Ctrl-4
Heading 5 Ctrl-5
Heading 6 Ctrl-6
Paragraph Ctrl-Shift-P
Left Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L
Center Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C
Right Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R
Justify Ctrl-Alt-Shift-J
Text Indent Ctrl-Alt+]
Text Outdent Ctrl-Alt+[

Document Editing

Go to Next Word Ctrl-Right arrow
Go to Previous Word Ctrl-Left arrow
Go to Previous Paragraph Ctrl-Up arrow
Go to Next Paragraph Ctrl-Down arrow
Select Until Next Word Ctrl-Shift-Right arrow
Select From Previous Word Ctrl-Shift-Left arrow
Select From Previous Paragraph Ctrl-Shift-Up arrow
Select Until Next Paragraph Ctrl-Shift-Down arrow
Edit Tag Shift-F5
Exit Paragraph Ctrl-Enter

Code Editing

Show Code Hints Ctrl-Space
Select Parent Tag Ctrl-[
Select Child Ctrl-]
Balance Braces Ctrl-’
Find Next (Find Again) F3
Select line up/down Shift-Up/Down arrow
Character select left/right Shift-Left/Right arrow
Select to page up/down Shift-Page Up/Page Down
Move to word on left/right Ctrl-Left/Right arrow
Select to word on left/right Ctrl-Shift-Left/Right arrow
Move to start/end of line Home/ End
Select to start/end of line Shift-Home/End
Move to top/end of file Ctrl-Home/End
Select to start/end of file Ctrl-Shift-Home/End
Go to Line Ctrl-G
Indent Code Ctrl-Shift->
Outdent Code Ctrl-Shift-<


Switch between Code and Design Views Ctrl-`
Switch All Windows to a Specific View Ctrl-Click Code or Design View Button
Refresh Design View F5
Live View Alt-F11

Working with Documents and Panels

Show/Hide Panels F4
Switch to Next Document Ctrl-Tab
Switch to Previous Document Ctrl-Shift-Tab
Assets F11
Behaviors Shift-F4
Bindings Ctrl-F10
Code Inspector F10
Components Ctrl-F7
CSS Styles Shift-F11
Databases Ctrl-Shift-F10
Files F8
Frames Shift-F2
History Shift-F10
AP Elements (Layers F2
Properties Ctrl-F3
Reference Shift-F1
Results F7
Server Behaviors Ctrl-F9
Snippets Shift-F9
Tag Inspector F9


Check Spelling Shift-F7
Get File from Server Ctrl-Shift-D
Put File on Server Ctrl-Shift-U

The default Dreamweaver keyboard shortcuts work primarily on U.S.-standardized keyboards. Keyboards from other countries (including those produced in the United Kingdom), may not provide the functionality necessary for utilizing these shortcuts. If your keyboard does not support certain Dreamweaver-enabled shortcuts, Dreamweaver disables their functionality.

To customize keyboard shortcuts that work with non-U.S.-standardized keyboards, see “Changing keyboard shortcut mappings” in Extending Dreamweaver.

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