How to create users in Active Directory server 2016

User accounts are among the basic tools for managing a Windows 2016 server. As a network administrator, you’ll spend a large percentage of your time dealing with user accounts To create a new domain user account in Windows Server 2016, follow these steps:

A domain without users allowed to sign in is useless. To create users, open Tools menu, select Active Directory Users and Computers:

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Expand your domain, select Users, click New User button:

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Add a user, click Next:
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As you fill in these fields, the New Object Wizard automatically fills in the Full Name field. Set the password for this user. As this is a private home domain, select Password never expires, click Next:
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Review the information, click Finish:
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The first user is usually yourself. To add this user to Administrators, right click the user and select Properties:
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Add user to Administrators:
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In the future, you can sign in to server with your own domain user credentials
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And login back with the account you just created…
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hope that this video below helps you guys to create a user account in windows server 2016.
NOTE: this video doesn’t contain adding administrator privileges into User Accounts, So you guys have to try it in the way I mention above article.
Thanks hope that this tutorial helps you guys.

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