How to use profile picture in posts and comments on wordpress websites

First, you need to create a use in go to & signup. Follow the instruction step by step shown on this post.

Fig 1


And then fill the form on fig 2

Fig 2


Please enter your email that you want use on wordpress or already your using on wordpress.

After create a account, than you must verify account using your email. Please check your inbox and click Activate Account link.

How to login

fig 3


After login, please give authorize to use your profile picture in wordpress shown on fig 4

fig 4


After login to account. Setup the profile picture.

fig 4.1


And choose picture from computer or any link below shown in fig 5

fig 5


If you select picture from your own computer please flow the next step in fig 6

fig 6


After selecting a picture than choose a gravatar ranking shown on fig 7

fig 7



Now go to Profile and do the 4 steps shown on fig 8

fig 8


And fill the form shown on fig 9

fig 9


That’s all. Now you can show your own profile picture in wordpress post & comments using this email address.

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