Connect your newly bought Samsung Galaxy S2 to the WiFi or internet? Look no further, help is here.
Connecting to Wi-Fi using your Android phone is easy. Once you save a Wi-Fi connection, the settings of the same do remain in your phone and you don’t have to connect to it every time. Your Samsung Galaxy S2 will connect to the Wi-Fi on it’s own whenever it identifies the network already available. 
Steps to Connect Samsung Galaxy S2 to Wi-Fi :
  1. Tap the Menu button present at the bottom left of your Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Wireless and network
  4. Go to Wi-Fi settings
  5. Select Add Wi-Fi network and the available Wi-Fi networks will show up.
  6. Selecty your network. If it is an Open Connection, your Galaxy S2 will connect to the Wi-Fi directlt. If the Wi-Fi connection is a secured one – you’ll have to provide the network key.
  7. Your Samsung Galaxy S2 is now connected to the internet. Enjoy!
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