Sticky MAC addresses are addresses that are dynamically learned once and remain stick to the port, we can adjust the max number of sticky MAC addresses to a single interface. the use of this feature is in large networks usually where we cant afford to waste time doing manual mac addresses to port mapping. Let us apply this concept on packet tracer.
mac stick001
Let us set up a topology. Apply PCs with the IP addresses dynamically with the DHCP server set on the Server.
mac stick002
Let’s do DHCP server setup on server.
mac stick003
Assigning IP to PCs. through DHCP server
mac stick004
Now, let us apply Sticky Mac address to the following interface of switch which is currently attach to PC3. It is interface fa 0/4.
mac stick005
The following commands will apply this concept.
mac stick006
Go to enable mode. Apply command,  show running-config
mac stick007
Now, we do not have MAC address of PC here.
For this, remove the interface from PC3 attach it to another PC as shown in the figure below.
mac stick008
Now Request for DHCP ip address
mac stick009
Now. we have mac address and our port is sticky as shown in figure below.
mac stick010
Let’s see the sticky MAC address and PC MAC address are same or not.
mac stick011
Now, reconnect to PC3 and request for IP address. It has failed and it has also shutdown the interface because MAC address does not match with the MAC address of the port.
mac stick012
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